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How To Measure For A Collar


It does not matter how well a horse collar is made, if it is not properly fitted to the horse, it is sure to hurt him.

It is therefore necessary to select the proper shape and size of collar.



The illustration shows you how a collar should be fitted. If care is taken in fitting the collar "and adjusting the hames so hames tugs comes over center of draft." you should have eliminated all trouble of sore necks and shoulders and the horse will work with ease and comfort More horses are ruined by collars fitted too large than from any other cause.

When fitting a horse with a collar, there should not be any more space between the horse's neck and throat of the collar than will allow your four fingers, when laid flat on inside of throat of collar, to pass through freely.

How to Measure a Collar:

Place the rule against the collar cap and measure to the inside of the rim of the throat as illustrated. This collar measures 20 inches. For size of draft draw a tape line around the collar at its heaviest part, as illustrated. This collar has 171/z" draft.

Collars are constructed in three shapes.
Full Faced - Collar fits flat slender necks
Half Sweeney - Collar fits necks that are wide and thick
at the upper part of the neck.
Full Sweeney - Collar fits extra heavy "stud-like" necks, where the neck is extremely thick at the top.