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Myler Bits

We are Myler bit dealers and specialise in custom-made mouthpieces,many of which are not generally available in stores or on the internet. We deal direct with the Mylers themselves, in their own factory in the USA, so you can have the mouthpiece of your choice in sweet iron or stainless steel,with the shank of your choice,in any size from the biggest Heavy Horse to the smallest miniature horse, for working, driving and riding.

The bits are available with driving or riding shanks. Mouthpieces can be manufactured in stainless,with or without copper inserts ,or sweetiron.If you take sweetiron,the shank is stainless so it will remain shiny even though the mouthpiece will oxidise.The sweetiron helps the horse to salivate.

If you are likely to be working your horse in a team or a pair then you may consider adding a stop or bushings to your bit. With the stop,there is still independent side movement,but a limited amount.This prevents excessive movement in the mouthpiece which can occur where longer reins are employed in multiple hitches or where there is a cross rein to an adjacent horse.In single horse use,the movement in the mouthpiece is restricted by the opposing rein,so the stop is not necessary,but if fitted is by no means detrimental.

The bushing is a good idea if you are using the military elbow shank in a pair or a team. It allows the cheek piece attachment to remain flush with the horses cheek when the shank is pulled diagonally away from the horses head by the cross rein to the adjacent horse.

We have listed the mouthpieces and shanks independently so that you can choose your own combination.We are only to pleased to help you choose the right combination for your horse if required, as through our sister company we have plenty of first hand experience of using them.

We wil confirm the price of your chosen bit before we place your order .